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Key Factors for Foreign Investors


  • Peace and Political Stability
  • Investor-friendly government committed to the market economy
  • Very low incidence of corruption
  • Preferential access to several developed-country markets
  • Higher percentage of Paved roads than that of its East African neighbours
  • Rwanda joining the East African Community which has a population of over 100 million people which allows for a wider market


  • Agricultural exports such as tea, coffee, fruit and flowers
  • Eco-tourism
  • Development of services hub for the Central African region
  • Manufacturing for the Rwandan and DRC markets


  • Landlocked situation with high costs of energy and transport even though the joining of the EAC community lessens the cons from this situation as this means that we are ‘land linked’ because we are at the crossroads between the East African region and the West African region allowing us to serve as a distribution point
  • Low skill levels, aggravated by the consequences of the 1994 genocide
  • Inadequate infrastructure


  • Similar strategies/policies by EAC neighbours


Laws & Regulations

For Major Laws and Regulations affecting Foreign Direct Investment in Rwanda please follow the following links: 


[PDF] An Investment Guide to Rwanda

Laws & Regulations