High Commissioner Karitanyi speaks at IWD2018 Events

High Commissioner Karitanyi speaks at IWD2018 Events

To commemorate #InternationalWomensDay, the #Commonwealth’s Gender Section hosted an event at Marlborough House entitled ‘Progress for #Women and the Vote in the Commonwealth’.

The event – attended by educators, lawyers, policymakers, activists, youth workers and officials of Commonwealth member countries – aimed to celebrate the achievements, determination and courage of women and girls across the Commonwealth in struggle for democracy, development and peace.  It called for absolute gender equality in all spheres and at all levels.

The event was opened by the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Patricia Scotland, who highlighted the role of the Commonwealth in strengthening the progress for gender quality. “Recognition and advancement of the rights of women is inextricably linked to our Commonwealth priorities of inclusiveness and empowerment, and of social, economic and political development,” she said.

Her Excellency Yamina Karitanyi, spoke on the strides that Rwanda has made in Gender Equality, how it is a leader today, and what lessons can be drawn.

Later that afternoon, High Commissioner Karitanyi spoke at the “Women in International Public Service” event at Canada House, and joined a panel to talk about women’s success in international careers. The High Commissioner called on the women in attendance to “Refuse to be negatively affected by hardship or disappointment, but let lessons be learned! Constantly work to become the woman behind other successful women.”