President Kagame Receives World Tourism Award 2017

President Kagame Receives World Tourism Award 2017

London, 6 November 2017- President Kagame has received the The World Tourism Award, organized by the Bradford Group. Peter Greenberg, CBS News Travel Editor and world-renowned travel expert, hosted the Award presentation, which was the first time a Head of State has received this Award in sustainable tourism.

President Kagame received the Award in recognition of his visionary leadership in sustainable tourism, wildlife conservation, and economic development that has been achieved through making bold decisions in conservation, investing in major infrastructure and attracting the right tourism investments making Rwanda an attractive destination for visitors and investors.

Accepting the award, President Kagame thanked the organisers on behalf of the people of Rwanda, saying the award recognises Rwanda’s efforts to promote sustainable tourism.

“We have been working hard to protect our natural environment while building the infrastructure for our visitors and citizens. Growth in this industry has proven to be a driver of shared prosperity because we ensure that Rwanda-ns benefit directly. These good results have been possible because #Rwanda-ns have made a mindset shift from dependence to dignity and self-reliance. This is why for example former poachers are today the most dedicated protectors of wildlife. We are also finding ways to multiply Rwanda-s connections with the rest of the world which is what this award represents.”

Guests at the award ceremony were delighted by the ‘Urukerereza’ dance troupe, Rwanda’s National Ballet, whose performance was met with cheers and rousing applause.  
President Kagame also took time to visit several African stands who were exhibiting at the World Travel Market.