1. Duly filled application form in CAPITAL print (issued on arrival at High Commission)
  2. Completion of Declaration form regarding the loss of a passport or other travel document;
  3. Certified photocopy of passport, (only if damaged or expired);
  4. Two (2) colour passport-size photographs with white background and both ears in view
  5. Certified copy of Birth Certificate;
  6. Copy of police report in case of lost passport;
  7. Copy of flight ticket;
  8. Copy of Rwandan Passport. 

The Emergency Travel Certificate is only valid for five days from the date of issue including weekends and public holidays. Hence, all applicants are STRONGLY advised to apply for an Emergency Travel Certificate at least two (2) days prior to travel date. The Emergency Travel Certificate must be surrendered to the Immigration Officer at the point of entry in Rwanda.


  1. Copy of flight ticket;
  2. Copy of the passports of parents;
  3. Copy of the birth certificates of parents;
  4. Copy of Rwandan National Identity card of parents. If either parent is not a Rwandan citizen, a copy of the Rwandan parent should still be provided;
  5. Certified copy of Birth Certificate;
  6. Two (2) colour passport-size photographs with white background and both ears in view
  7. Biological parents of the Minor should make the application IN PERSON.

Consent by either both parents or guardian in respect of minors

  • Consent: Minors must produce the written consent of either their both parents or their guardians, as the case may be, before they may be granted an ETC. The required consent, with certain exceptions, by the parents or guardians must be submitted to the High Commission in WRITING.


If one of the parents is deceased, this fact must be stated. Where the consent is given by the guardian the circumstances of guardianship are to be stated. If, as a result of special circumstances (e.g. the absence of a parent) it is not possible to complete the certificate, written consent in some other form (e.g. a letter from the absent parent) will be accepted. If a parent (or guardian) withholds his/her consent or if for some sound reason such consent cannot be obtained an explanation should accompany the application. Any court order in respect of the custody of the child must be forwarded with the explanation. Each case will be considered on its own merits.