Here are the requirements by  Customs to be accorded tax exemption on personal effects including a personal car imported by the Returning Rwandans.

Upon submission of the following, the Rwandan High Commission would provide a recommendation letter to returning residents to be granted tax exemption:

  1. Letter of request addressed to: The Commissioner General, Rwanda Revenue Authority, c/o Rwandan High Commission UK
  2. The returning resident must provide proof of Rwandan Nationality
  3. For cars, provide a copy of the log book showing the ownership of the car for at least a period of one year with its insurance copy issued in the course of one year of usage.
  4. Provide a copy of passport
  5. Provide a copy of legal stay document in the UK (Visa, Resident permit etc)
  6. Provide a Rwandan ID (if applicable)
  7. Provide the bill of lading (BOL) or airway bill (i.e. a detailed list of the items to be shipped in the form of a receipt)

NOTE: Exemption is only granted to those owning left hand drive vehicles. Returning residents who claim to have sold their right hand drive vehicles as a replacement will not be exempted on their new purchased vehicles.