Logos and symbols

Rwandan High Commission logo

This logo (as seen in the top left corner of the website) was adopted in 2017, and is a revision of the logo guidelines for Embassies and High Commissions of the Republic of Rwanda. The combined use of the Seal of the Government of Rwanda in a prominent position and of prominent proportion, adjacent to one vertical line and the the full text of the name and location of our mission, “High Commission of The Republic of Rwanda, London, U.K”, were chosen to represent the attachment to and brand identity of the Government of Rwanda.

Using our logo

The names, marks, images and logos identifying the Rwandan High Commission in the U.K. are proprietary marks of this organisation and may not be reproduced without our prior written permission.

To request permission, please contact our Communications team.

Our Symbols and Branding Elements

The symbols (Seal of the Government of Rwanda, Flag of the Republic of Rwanda) and branding elements (stylised use of the blue, yellow and green of the flag of Rwanda, the star with 24-rays on the flag of Rwanda, are proprietary marks of this mission and are used for the brand recognition, reinforcement and consistency in our materials, both print and digital, and on all of our platforms. These may not be reproduced,

 Contact information

  • Telephone: 0207 569 5264